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1. The equipment is rented in the appropriate conditions, ready for use.

2. The rentee (customer) knows that the bindings are adjusted by the renter in compliance with the data that are provided, and with the standards recommended, by the manufacturer of the rented ski bindings.

3. The rented equipment can be replaced during the rental period according to its availability, with materiai of the same category and value; substitution with material of a higher quality is possible and a price difference will be charged to the rentee for this. No refund for the replacement with materiai of a lower category is paid.

4. The latest return time for the rented equipment is the evening of the last rental day, during the shop-hours displayed to the public. Shoulct the equipment be returned on the next day, the extra charge for an additional whole day will be charged.

5. Any earlier cancellation of the rental agreement wit11 the return ot the rental equipment shall not entitle the rentee to any partial or tota! refunds.
Refunds of rental costs will only be ·possible in the event of illness or accident and when proven by a medicai certificate.

6. When the equipment is given back at the end of the rental, is checked and any breakage or damage will be charged to the rentee (customer) at the current market prices. ls possible to insure the equipment for breakage or acc1dental damages. Thai insurance is not effective for thelt, malice, loss or improper use.

7. In case of loss or theft ot the ren!ed equipment, the rentee shall refund the equivalent market value of it. In case of theft, the rentee is obliged to report it to the locai Police.

8. li the equipment is noi returned within 24 hours alter the expiry o1 the rental, it will be reported to the Police as stolen, unless the proven impossibility lo return the equipment is notitied.

9. For anything else not referred to above, the generai criteria applies by which the rentee is liable, both for himself and for any minors under his responsibility, lor the rented materiai.

10.As decided by the ltalian law 13/2003 n. 196, regarding the protection ofthe persona! data, the rentee authorises the renter to use his persona! data lor statistica! business and promotional purposes inherent to his activity. The rentee has the right to demand the cancellation of his data by a simple notification to the renter.

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