Ski Center

Your  Rental Deposit Repair Center in Sauze d'Oulx

Ski deposit

Our heated ski depot is located exactly in front of the departure of the Clotes chairlift.

Discover the convenience of reaching the ski slopes comfortably with your shoes on and putting on warm boots without having to bring them from home.

Maria, our rental manager, will take care of keeping your equipment safe and drying your boots so they are warm in the morning.

Come to us and discover a new level of comfort to make your skiing experience even more pleasant and worry-free.

deposito sci

Our types of storage

clotes ski center noleggio

Daily or multi-day deposit

The ideal solution for your snow holiday

clotes ski center riparazioni

Seasonal Storage

La soluzione ideale per chi viene a Sauze d’Oulx spesso

 deposito plurigiornaliero

We offer convenient and flexible solutions to ensure maximum comfort during your ski holiday. 

price list

Skis + Boots
Snowboard + boots

1 day: €7.00
2 days: €12.00
3 days: €17.00
4 days: €22.00
5 days: €27.00
6 days: €30.00
7 days: €33.00


Just skis
or just Boots
or Bags

1 day: €5.00
2 days: €9.00
3 days: €13.00
4 days: €16.00
5 days: €18.00
6 days: €20.00
7 days: €22.00


 deposito stagionale

Our seasonal storage service was created to make the lives of all those skiers who come to ski in Sauze d'Oulx often easier. With this service you won't have to worry about bringing your skis home at the end of the day or drying your boots.

We'll think about it!

For this service please contact us via email so we can provide you with an ad hoc quote based on your needs

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